Keith Richards is a certified rock legend and a guitar hero to millions, but he's had some pretty excellent company on the six-string in the Rolling Stones over the years — and in this installment of Clash of the Titans, we pit Keef's fellow Stones guitarists against each other in an epic three-way battle.

We're talking, of course, about Brian Jones, Mick Taylor and Ron Wood. They're all guys who've lent their own distinctive stamp to the Stones sound over the years, and most of the band's fans have their favorite, whether it's the incredible vitality and experimentalism of their early years with founder Jones, the heightened musicality of Taylor's seasoned playing during his short tenure or the stinging, bluesy interplay that Wood and Richards continue to enjoy today.

Jones gets points for helping start the band, while Taylor's brief presence boosted the Stones even further during the remarkably fertile period that produced Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main St. Wood enjoys the arguably unfair advantage of having been in the lineup for more than 40 years.

Clearly there's no wrong answer here, but we're making you choose anyway. Jones, Taylor or Wood: Which one gets your vote for the best of these three Stones guitarists? You can keep coming back and casting your ballot once an hour between now and June 7 at 11:59PM ET. Before you vote, check out some of their finest moments below.

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