Kiss alumni Ace Frehley, Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick and Bob Kulick performed together during the Indianapolis Kiss Fan Expo, which is taking place this weekend and celebrating its 20th anniversary, while Singer also celebrated his 60th birthday. You can watch their performances, with guests including Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz from the Bruce & Bob Kulick band, in the videos below – which remain light-hearted throughout despite Frehley’s early struggles with his stage sound.

The guest list for the entire event also included Creatures of the Night and Lick it Up producer Michael James Jackson, Lydia Criss, Karl Cochran, Robert Fleischman, Roman Fernandez, Bill Starkey, Anton Fig, John Regan, Ted Howarth, Brent Fitz, Bobby Rock and Mark Slaughter.

The weekend marked only the second appearance by the Kulick Band, after their debut on last year’s Kiss Kruise. They’re set to appear during the next Kruise too. "The reaction has been tremendous," Bruce Kulick told UCR. "It meant a lot to both my brother and I, the fact that we pulled it off so well and that it was so well received. I’m not saying that I don’t want it to happen again, but if it never could happen again like that, I’m okay because I did something super special.”

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley recently talked up the chances of Kiss continuing without any original members, arguing that the band had earned the right to continue evolving without them. He also recently said they were planning “the biggest tour we’ve ever done” for 2019, adding: “A major Kiss tour, I would say, starts at the end of January. It hasn't been announced yet, so don't tell anybody.”



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