AC/DC’s plans to record a new album continue to move forward. It was reported by that the band has chosen Brendan O’Brien to act as producer for the new project.

For O’Brien – whose list of credits includes records by Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young – it won’t be the first time working with the legendary rock group from down under. The producer was last tapped by the band to oversee their 2008 record ‘Black Ice.’

Given the group’s prior remarks about O’Brien, the decision really seems like a no-brainer. “He's a great guy,” stated lead singer Brian Johnson. “He knows exactly what we want, and so far, it sounds really good. I'm well pleased.”

From his own remarks, it seems that the producer was just as pleased with the situation last time out. “I didn't know what to expect, but the first day we got together, Angus [Young] and Malcolm [Young] sat down and played me a bunch of demos and I was pretty encouraged by them,” stated O’Brien. "As soon as they started playing, it was obvious they still sounded great, they still had it.”

In addition to that bit of news, it’s also been reported that the band’s gear has begun to arrive at Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

It won't be known for quite some time just how much the absence of rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young will affect the songwriting and recording process, but we can gather from these new developments that the band is indeed quite serious about moving forward without him.

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