We were lucky enough to have Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule and solo star Warren Haynes visit our new studios recently. In this exclusive interview, the guitarist talks about Gov't Mule's new star-studded album 'Shout!' and explains why we might finally be closer to getting the first new Allman Brothers record in more than 10 years.

As an extra treat, Haynes also performs solo acoustic versions of two songs from 'Shout!' -- as well as a cover of Elvis Costello's 'Alison,' which, as he explains, he began covering as a result of a dare from an audience member.

The first of the two discs included on 'Shout!' finds the band performing alone on a typically diverse, inventive set of new songs. On the second, they perform those same songs -- usually in different arrangements -- with the help of famous friends such as Costello, Steve Winwood and Dr. John.

"The idea to add the bonus CD with all the guest vocalists didn't come about until midway through the recording," Haynes explains. "I had written a song, 'Funny Little Tragedy,' that I thought would be perfect for Elvis Costello. But I had not reached out to him to sing, I only called for his advice on how to go about recording the song because it was so different than anything we had ever done. [It was] more like some of his early music and less like our early music. But after I spoke to him, the seed was planted, that, 'Wow, it'd sure be cool to hear him singing this tune.'"

It's safe to assume that Haynes, a Mountain Jam presenter, will once again bring Gov't Mule back for the 10th anniversary of the festival this year. The dates for the 10th Anniversary Mountain Jam have been announced and pre-sale tickets go on sale Nov. 19. Click here for more information.

In the meantime, you can watch and hear Haynes talk about how the rest of 'Shout!' came together and also learn what standards the Allman Brothers are holding themselves to when considering whether or not to record a new album -- in the videos above and below. When that's done, you've also got three great new performances to listen to. Enjoy!

Warren Haynes Talks About the Possibility of a New Allman Brothers Album

Hear Warren Haynes Perform 'When the World Gets Small' at the UCR Studios

Hear Warren Haynes Perform 'Captured' at the UCR Studios

Hear Warren Haynes Perform 'Allison' at the UCR Studios

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