Ultimate Classic Rock is proud to present the exclusive premiere of a clip from Warren Haynes' appearance on the At Guitar Center web series, including his acoustic performance of "Spots of Time."

Before playing "Spots of Time," Haynes tells the story behind the song, explaining it grew out of a collaboration with Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead: "We were in the studio doing something in New York City, and I have this music that I'd love you to write lyrics and a melody for. It's called 'Spots of Time.'"

Haynes assumed that since the song already had a title, Lesh might have some lyrics at the ready, but Lesh explained that the phrase was lifted from — and the music inspired by — a William Wordsworth poem from 1888. "Apparently Wordsworth used the expression 'spots of time' quite a few times in his works," continued Haynes. "I wasn't familiar with it, so I downloaded it and read the poem, and it inspired me to write the melody and the lyric accordingly. When the Allman Brothers were rehearsing a short time after that, it got brought up ... we started performing it, and we did for about three years. I'm certain it would have been on the last Allman Brothers record, had we made that record. We just never did."

Haynes ultimately ended up recording "Spots of Time" for his recent solo effort Ashes and Dust, and offers it in a new stripped-down setting in this performance, which you can watch above. Haynes' complete At Guitar Center interview will be available at the Guitar Center website.

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