War founder Howard Scott is upset that his band got snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- again -- but he's more upset that the Beastie Boys will be inducted before them. Scotty talked to TMZ about the slight, saying, "I'll eat their platinum records!"

"We were cranking out gold records when they were still in diapers," Scott says. That's unlikely as the hip-hop trio were between three and five-years-old when War was founded in 1969, but his point is still valid. "How could the Beastie Boys get in before us when they sampled War's music on their first album?"

Scott appears to have felt that this year was the year for him, Eric Burdon and whatever assortment of bandmates would be considered as official members for the purpose of the ceremony. He says being kept out once again "felt like I was kicked in the back of my britches." There's a long line of bands that feel similarly -- at least the band most famous for 'Low Rider' were nominated. The same can't be said for legendary bands like Kiss and Rush.

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