Former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent said he was planning another fan weekend to follow the success of his Merry Metal Christmas gathering earlier this month.

He also promised to reveal more details of his memoir, which he previously said would be an “uncomfortable” read.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been a week already since that fantastic party and I’m still flying,” Vincent said in a statement via the Rock n Roll Experience with Mike Brunn Facebook page. “In all sincerity I'm the happiest I’ve been in ages, thanks to you. What started as a small private birthday for friends back in August set the blueprint for me to party and shred for my friends in one gathering.”

He added that the record industry structure of the ‘80s – “records, tours, magazine interviews, record companies, bands, managers, and fans” – had included a distance between artists and their supporters. “There’s no rules anymore,” he continued. “Fans and artists can connect.” While admitting he had “no set plan” to where his new direction would take him, he said: “Where it goes, i wont know until we're actually there. But I’m having the best time ever.”

Vincent went on to personally thank many of the people who’d helped make the Christmas event take place at S.I.R. Studios in Nashville, in particular those fans who’d become temporary members of his band while he played guitar. His message to Brunn was: “Mikey, you know how to make a great interview, my friend. Let’s do it again… I’ve only scratched the surface of the Vinnie Vincent book with you.”

Apologizing to one attendee who didn’t get the “long drum jamm with the V” that they’d both hoped for, he continued: “but fret not my friend, Vinnie Vincent Valentine’s Day Fanjamm will be here before you know it and you are first up on the set list.”

Speaking in 2018, Vincent reported he was working on his memoir and the it would contain “the in-depth answers to everything” people wanted to know about him. “I've been away 20 years, not by choosing, but because of events that happened," he said. "So those events will be really talked about in uncomfortable depth — because it's cathartic, number one. Number two, the fans deserve to know; and I deserve to tell it. And it's nice to be back, but you can only be back unless … The meaning of being back, the reason and the meaningfulness of being back can only depend on the resolve of the past … that book is my resolve.”


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