Vince Neil began his post-Motley Crue musical career with a gig by his solo band two weeks ago. Now, he delivers the news that they are working on a new album.

"I'll say that we're recording some stuff for a new record this year," Neil told the Michigan City News-Dispatch. "You often hear some surprises at our shows. I don't want to give away some of those surprises, but let's just say you might have struck a nerve that could ring true."

Neil's last solo record was 2010's covers-heavy Tattoos & Tequila, which peaked at No. 57 on the Billboard 200. He released a pair of albums during his estrangement from Motley Crue, Exposed in 1993 and Carved in Stone two years later. He knows from his previous excursions on his own that he'll forever be in his more famous band's shadow.

"Look, I'm going to always be the guy who was in Motley Crue," he continued, "but my first solo record with 'You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)' was over a million-seller, so a lot of people enjoyed it and 'Sister of Pain' and many of those songs."

The new record isn't the only thing his fans can look forward to in 2016. Motley Crue filmed their final concert with the intention of releasing it in theaters later this year (a teaser video can be viewed here). In addition, it was learned earlier this week that he had signed on to participate in the upcoming version of Celebrity Apprentice, with Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced original host Donald Trump. It is expected that the series will air in September.

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