Well, that didn't take long: Mötley Crüe only cleared the stage after their final concert a few days ago, and they've already posted a teaser for their upcoming film from the show.

As previously reported, plans are afoot for a full-length theatrical feature commemorating the concert, co-directed by Christian Lamb and Jeff Tremaine (who's also helming the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the band's The Dirt bio). The end result will include live footage of the performance as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the week leading up to the conclusion of their lengthy Final Tour.

According to Billboard, which debuted the teaser, the film "will premiere in theaters in spring 2016 for a one-night-only stand and on pay-per-view." Although details for the movie's home release have yet to be announced, it seems safe to assume the eventual DVD/Blu-ray version will include an assortment of bonus features and extra footage, but for fans who missed out on catching the final concert, seeing it in a theater might be the next best thing.

The show, which took place Dec. 31 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, included plenty of the band's trademark over-the-top stage presentation as well as a few unplanned moments, such as Tommy Lee's drum getting stuck on his "Crüecifly" coaster and Vince Neil tearing up while talking to the crowd about the end of an era. Now that the show's over, the former bandmates are free to pursue solo projects.

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