Tomorrow night (Dec. 31), Motley Crue will play their last-ever concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. But for those who aren't lucky enough to be in attendance, have no fear. The band is filming the concert to be shown in theaters, as well as pay-per-view and home options, at an unknown date in 2016.

They unveiled the news on their website, saying that The Final Show will not only include the concert in its entirety -- including such crowd-pleasing bits as Tommy Lee's Cruecifly drum roller coaster and the fire-spitting bass of Nikki Sixx -- but also "exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the last week of the tour." Last week, they released a video talking about their famous special effects. It's not known yet if this clip will be part of the package.

The concert section of the movie will be directed by Christian Lamb, who, according to his website, has worked with Def Leppard, Madonna and Coldplay, and has created commercials for Ford, Coca-Cola and Lacoste. Jeff Tremaine, who co-created MTV's Jackass series and has been tapped to direct the film adaptation of Motley Crue's memoir, The Dirt, is responsible for the documentary portion. They hope to have the movie out by the summer of 2016.

Since beginning the Final Tour in July 2014, Motley Crue have played more than 164 concerts on five continents. The press conference announcing the tour saw them sign a "Cessation of Touring Agreement," a legally binding document saying that the members agree to never tour as Motley Crue again.

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