The slow leak of new songs from Van Halen's 'A Different Kind of Truth' continued on Wednesday night's episode of 'CSI' on CBS. 'Stay Frosty' was one of two songs ('Tattoo' was the other) included during a scene in which Marg Helgenberger and Ted Danson's characters hid out in a strip club.

For the most part 'Stay Frosty' was background music, but the track did get a few seconds in the forefront as the two character's entered the alley-side men's club. Fans can get a better idea of what the full song will sound like in the official preview video, also pasted below.

'Stay Frosty' is built similar to the 1978 hit 'Ice Cream Man,' with Eddie Van Halen picking on an acoustic early as David Lee Roth works his way through the lyrics. This intro lasts a bit longer, and there isn't nearly as much innuendo before the rest of the band starts playing and Eddie switches to electric. At that point the preview ends, but the 'CSI' clip picks up where the preview wraps up.

In honor of Eddie Van Halen's birthday today (Jan. 26), we're taking a tour through every one of the band's albums and giving you the chance to vote for the best song from each one in our Van Halen Album by Album Readers' Poll.

Listen to 'Stay Frosty' on Wednesday Night's Episode of 'CSI'
Listen to the Official Preview of 'Stay Frosty'