To prepare for the release of Van Halen's 12th studio album, the long-awaited 'A Different Kind of Truth,' we're going on a tour through every one of the legendary group's previous albums in order to determine the best song from each.

From the band's legendary and genre-defining first six albums with original lead signer David Lee Roth, to the odds-defying success and creative growth exhibited during the Sammy Hagar era, and even the much-maligned, Gary Cherone-fronted 'III,' you can vote for your favorite track from all 11 Van Halen albums.

There's going to be some tough battles coming up -- 'Runnin' With the Devil' versus 'Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love?' 'Panama' against 'Jump?' 'Everybody Wants Some!!' in a duel with 'And the Cradle Will Rock?' -- but we know you'll make the right choices, as you seem to have done on our recent Kiss Album by Album Readers' Poll.

Once you've voted, you'll be able to see how your choices match up against everyone else's. When the new album is released, we'll add that to this poll as well. Happy trails!

Pick the Best Song From Each Van Halen Album