In honor of Kiss frontman Paul Stanley's 60th birthday today (Jan. 20), we're taking a big look back at the band's career by revisiting every single one of their 19 studio albums and giving you the chance to vote for your favorite song from each of them.

From their nearly unassailable first six albums, through the ups and downs of some rocky (but also rewarding) disco, progressive rock and pop-metal influenced records, all the way up to 2009's 'Sonic Boom,' the history of Kiss is recounted step-by-step in the following pages, along with your chance to pick the best track from each record.

We're very excited to see which songs you choose as your favorites from classics platters such as 'Destroyer,' 'Creatures of the Night' and 'Revenge,' as well as what you salvage from well, maybe-not-so-memorable albums such as 'Crazy Nights' or 'Music from the Elder.' We hope you enjoy this tour as much as we did!

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