Ultimate Classic Rock turns four years old today! We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for all the support and love you've show us over the years.

We'd also like to congratulate our awesome team of writers and editors for all the hard work that has gone into making UCR one of the biggest and fastest-growing music news websites in the world.

Here's some interesting statistics from our brief but eventful history. Since May of 2011, over 90,000,000 readers have visited Ultimate Classic Rock. As of this writing we've published 15,569 stories. Here are the bands and artists we've written about the most so far:

1. The Beatles - 577 stories
2. Kiss - 553 stories
3. The Rolling Stones - 493
4. Led Zeppelin - 439
5. Van Halen - 378
6. Paul McCartney - 372
7. Metallica - 349
8. Aerosmith - 348
9. Guns N' Roses - 341
10. Bruce Springsteen - 323

And here's the most popular features and stories of our four-year history:

1. Top 100 Classic Rock Songs
2. Stars With Rock Star Dads
3. Top 50 Beatles Songs
4. Top 10 Love Songs
5. Top 25 Saddest Songs
6. Top 100 '90s Rock Albums
7. Keith Richards, Year by Year
8. Rockers Who Died at Age 27
9. Top 50 Heavy Metal Albums
10. Strangest Rock Deaths

We've got even bigger plans for our fifth year – including some exciting new video features over on our YouTube page, and some big additions to our already massive collection of lists. Plus, we're going to spend the next 365 days trying to convince our bosses to let us have a 5th anniversary concert.

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