The number of rockers who were taken from us too early in life -- whether by accident, violence or, as was written on the coroner's report for Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones, "misadventure" -- is far too large. The fact that so many of the biggest and most influential talents in rock history died at the age of 27 is even more bizarre and, when you think about it, downright creepy.

Over the years, the stories behind the deaths of the members of this so-called "27 Club" have grown more and more inflated and outrageous. People have tried to make sense of these tragic losses by creating stories about everything from murders being legally covered-up to elaborate hoaxes and even deals with the devil trotted out. This tends to happen most frequently in situations where there's a little bit of mystery involved with the death, such as an undiscovered body or an autopsy that was never performed for one reason or another.

We've tried to distinguish fact from fiction regarding these sad stories in the following list of Rockers Who Died at Age 27. And we've also joined forces with our friends at Loudwire and Diffuser to bring you not just some of our favorite classic rockers, but also those from the alternative and metal worlds to give you a better idea of just how big this 27 Club is. Keep scrolling to begin.

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