It's no big surprise when rock stars die by certain means. Drugs and alcohol, for instance, have certainly taken their fair share of musicians from us, and so have plane crashes (for god's sake, people – stay out of twin engine planes!).

Meanwhile, choking on one's own vomit is such a fashionable way to go that it provided one of the most classic scenes in This Is Spinal Tap, when a band member recalls that a former colleague "died by choking on vomit – someone else's vomit."

But a fair number of musicians have died in less obvious ways. Have you ever heard the one about the rock star who got killed by a hay bale? How about the one who choked on a cherry? Or the one (or two or three) who drowned?

From brain aneurysms to death by ham, here are the strangest deaths in rock 'n' roll.

Strangest Deaths in Rock

It's no big surprise when rock stars lose their battles with drugs or alcohol, but a fair number have died in less obvious ways.

Gallery Credit: UCR Staff

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