Some girls (and boys) have a greater understanding of the phrase “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” than others. For these 31 people, it’s an actual fact – all of them are the biological, or adopted, children of one of the Rolling Stones. What’s it like to have Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts, Brian JonesBill Wyman or Mick Taylor for a dad? Did they grow up "Happy" or "Sad Sad Sad"? Or do they have "Mixed Emotions" about their rock 'n' roll upbringing?

Barry David Corbett/Simon (Born: May 29, 1960)
The first son of a Rolling Stone was born three years before the band even formed. In 1959, Barry David was born to Brian Jones and his girlfriend Valerie Corbett, both of whom were in their teens. According to Paul Trynka's Brian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones, Jones offered to marry Corbett several times, but her parents refused to allow it. She gave birth to the baby, whom she named Barry David, and then put him up for adoption. Barry’s new parents named him Simon, and he had a “normal” childhood -- growing up to become a freelance business systems analyst with a wife and children. Because a father was not listed on his birth certificate, Simon only discovered the identity of his biological father in 2004.

'Belinda' (Born: Aug. 4, 1960)
After going to see a blues band in Guildford, Jones met a woman named Angeline and the evening ended in a one-night stand. The night resulted in a pregnancy for Angeline, who was married. She and her husband made the decision to raise the baby girl, named Belinda, as their own. Stones bassist Bill Wyman maintains in his 1990 book Stone Alone that Jones never knew about Belinda. Wyman mentions her, under a pseudonym, and revealed that she found out Jones was her dad when she was 15 and her brother brought home a Stones album.

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Julian Mark Andrews (Born: Oct. 22, 1961)
Brian Jones certainly got around. In 1961 he fathered yet another child with yet another woman: girlfriend Pat Andrews. In a rare instance of support (however fleeting), Jones sold his record collection to buy clothes for the baby, born Julian Mark Andrews and named for jazz great Julian “Cannonball” Adderly. Jones even lived with mother and child for a little while before running off. In 2013, Pat said she's never received anything  in child support from Jones or his estate outside of "a package full of baby things" and that Mark "doesn’t want to cash in on his dad’s fame." Her son, who goes by Mark, spoke to author Laura Jackson for her 1993 book about Jones, Golden Stone. At the time, Julian had just gotten married and was “working for a multinational corporation.”

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Stephen Paul Wyman (Born: March 29, 1962)
Finally, the first Stones baby not fathered by Brian Jones: Stephen Paul Wyman. The baby boy was born to soon-to-be Stones bassist Wyman and his first wife Diane, whom he had married in 1959. He and Diane separated in 1967 and divorced in 1969. Twenty years later, when he was 52, Wyman got married again, this time to 18-year-old singer and model Mandy Smith (they had been dating since she was 13). But things got even weirder in 1993 when Stephen, then 30, became engaged to Mandy’s mother, Patsy Smith, then 46. Both marriages ended within a couple years and without children, thus preventing an incredibly tangled family tree.

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Julian Brian Jones (Born: July 23, 1964)
As the Stones were starting their rise, Jones and teenage girlfriend Linda Lawrence had a son, Julian Brian (again named after Cannonball Adderly). Jones initially planned to live with Linda and Julian at her parents’ home, but when her folks found out that Brian had no plan to marry their daughter, they booted him out. Linda received a lump sum to help raise Julian. She later married folk-rocker Donovan and Julian changed his middle name from Brian to Leitch (Donovan’s last name). He has written music with Donovan and recorded as Julian Jones.

Paul Andrew Malloy/John Maynard (Born: March 24, 1965)
The fifth and last of Brian Jones' (known) children was born to on-again, off-again girlfriend Dawn Molloy in 1965. When Malloy told Jones and the Stones’ management she was pregnant, she was given payment by manager Andrew Loog Oldham and was ordered to not mention her pregnancy or relationship with Jones in the press. She gave birth to a boy named Paul Andrew, then put him up for adoption. Decades later, a man raised under the name John Maynard discovered that the anonymous “musician” listed on his birth certificate was the late Rolling Stone. He reconnected with both his mother and Bill Wyman, who was able to tell him stories about his biological father. As of 2013, Maynard, who has spoken publicly about the search for his parents, was a senior manager at a Ford plant in Britain and has a wife and three children.

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Seraphina Watts (Born: March 18, 1968)
When it comes to marriage, family and children, drummer Charlie Watts is quite the opposite of Brian Jones – and, well, all of his bandmates. In October 1964, Watts married Shirley, a woman he had met before the Stones became popular. Still married to this day, the Watts' had only one child together, a daughter named Seraphina, in 1968. Charlie has done his best to keep his personal life private, so there’s not a wealth of information about his daughter. Although there are a few pictures of the young girl hanging out with Keith Richards and Mick Taylor, she was mostly shielded from the rock 'n' roll world. At 14, she was sent to a boarding school, but got the boot a few years later for allegedly smoking weed (which drew some major news coverage in the mid-’80s). Seraphina later married a lawyer named Nick and gave birth to Charlie and Shirley’s only granddaughter, Charlotte. As of 2017, she was married to Barry Catmur and owned a $1.5 million farmhouse in Rhode Island.

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Marlon Leon Sundeep Richards (Born: Aug. 10, 1969)
The eldest child of Keith Richards and girlfriend Anita Pallenberg was once rumored to be Brian Jones’ son (Anita had been Brian’s girl before running off with Keith), although Marlon’s obvious resemblance to Richards has put an end to that idea. Named for Marlon Brando, Richards’ son became a permanent member of the Stones’ entourage in the ’70s. The legend is that he learned to count with elevator buttons and his first words were “room service.” Marlon contributed a handful of short passages for his dad’s 2010 memoir Life, in which he talks about his role as his father’s keeper. During the darkest days of Keith’s drug use, it was Marlon who woke him up for gigs, cleaned up his drugs, kept the police away and made sure dad didn’t pass out when driving … all before the age of eight. Somehow, both father and son survived. Marlon grew up with a passion for the arts, studying at New York’s Parsons School of Design. As an adult, he’s worked as a gallery curator, graphic artist and photographer and counts Liv Tyler, Kate Moss and Johnny Depp as personal friends. He is married to model Lucie de la Falaise and has three children.

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Karis Hunt Jagger (Born: Nov. 4, 1970)
Mick Jagger’s oldest child was the result of a hush-hush 10-month relationship with African-American model, actress and singer Marsha Hunt (allegedly the inspiration for "Brown Sugar"). After Karis was born in November 1970, Jagger spent a few years denying paternity before settling out of court and developing a relationship with his daughter. They’ve since become close, with Jagger attending Karis’ 1992 graduation from Yale University and giving her away at her 2000 wedding to Jonathan Watson. Karis and Jonathan met on the set of the movie Patch Adams, where she was working as a production assistant and he was an assistant director. Karis now devotes her time to raising the couple’s two children, while Jonathan continues to work as an assistant director on films, including The Amazing Spider-Man and The Interview.

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Chloe Taylor (Born Jan. 6, 1971)
Not long after Mick Taylor joined the Stones (replacing Brian Jones on lead guitar), his girlfriend Rose Millar became pregnant with a daughter, Chloe, born in early 1971. Although Mick and Rose eventually tied the knot (around the same time Taylor left the Stones in 1975),  the marriage didn’t last long, and he lost touch with his daughter. "It was very difficult to keep the relationship with Chloe going when I was in America and into the drugs," he would later say, adding that they have patched things up. Chloe has a daughter named Eleanor, about whom Mick says "is the only one allowed to call me granddad."

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Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger (Born: Oct. 21, 1971)
Jade is the only child born to Mick and first wife Bianca Jagger, who got married when Bianca was four months pregnant with her. Jade, born in Paris, spent her early years in England, but, after her parents’ 1978 divorce, moved with her mother to New York City. While her actress-socialite mother was busy with other engagements, Jade was often babysat by Andy Warhol. She grew up to have a pronounced interest in art and design, and continues to work as a jewelry and accessory designer to this day. Jade has had her share of relationships and gave birth to two daughters (Assisi and Lola) in her teens and early twenties. She dated Pharrell Williams for years, before marrying art director Adrian Fillary in 2012. She and Adrian welcomed a son, Ray, in June 2014, just a month after Jade became a grandmother with the birth of Assisi’s first child. That’s right, Sir Mick is a great-grandfather.

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Dandelion Angela Richards (Born: April 17, 1972)
Richards' longtime girlfriend Anita Pallenberg discovered she was pregnant during the recording of Exile in Main St. in the south of France. The heroin-addicted actress planned to terminate the pregnancy but never took a flight to England for the procedure. And so, in 1972, Keith and Anita welcomed their daughter, whom they named Dandelion. After being born in Switzerland, Dandelion was sent by her parents to live with Keith’s mother, Doris, in England, and grew up away from the excesses of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. She and her husband, Dominic Jennings, live on an estate that’s near the homes of Richards and Pallenberg (who parted ways in 1980). Out of the public eye for decades, Dandelion (who goes by her middle name, Angela) has been spotted in recent years at Stones performances and dinner dates with her dad.

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Jamie Wood (Born: 1973)
Jamie is the adopted son of guitarist Ronnie Wood, born in 1973 to Ronnie’s future (and now ex-) wife Jo and her then-husband, clothing boss Peter Greene. Jo divorced Greene in 1976, began dating Ronnie the next year, and Jamie was raised as Ronnie’s own son from then on (Jo and Ronnie later married in 1985). As a child, Jamie moved around quite a bit due to the lifestyles of his parents. As a teenager, he sunk into the same temptations, and was kicked out of multiple schools for drug-related issues. Eventually he cleaned up (by joining the Stones on tour, of all things) and is now a family man with a wife and multiple children. Because of his stepdad’s leanings, he became interested in art. He and half-brother Tyrone (see below) partnered together to run London’s Scream Gallery, which closed in 2016. He is also an investor in the European franchises of the BurgerFi chain.

Tara Jo Jo Gunne Richards (Born: March 26, 1976)
Keith and Anita’s third child together, Tara Jo Jo Gunne (a boy), was born in the spring of 1976. He was named for Tara Browne (the London socialite whose death helped inspire the Beatles’ "A Day in the Life") and the Chuck Berry song "Jo Jo Gunne." Sadly, Tara lived for only 10 weeks, dying in June while he was on tour. Pallenberg later said that she blamed her rampant drug use during her pregnancy for Tara’s tragic death. Richards wrote in his autobiography that his relationship with Marlon saved him from a spiral of depression.

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Jesse James Wood (Born: Oct. 30, 1976)
Jesse is the product of Ronnie Wood’s first marriage to model Krissy Findlay, which lasted from 1971-78. Growing up in the rock 'n' roll world, Jesse decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a musician. He’s played guitar and bass in a number of London-based rock bands, including Glyda, Hogg, Reef and the Leah Wood Band (with his half-sister; see below). He’s also performed quite a bit with dear old dad, and joined the Faces at a reunion gig. Also like his father, he’s struggled with addiction, and they entered rehab together in 2011. In addition to his work in music, Jesse has dabbled in modeling. He dated Kate Moss for a bit, but in 2003, married model Catherine “Tilly” Boone, with whom he has had two children. He’s since been divorced and remarried to TV host Fearne Cotton, who gave birth to Jesse’s third child, Rex, in 2013.

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Leah Wood (Born: Sept. 22, 1978)
Leah was the first child born to Ronnie and Jo Wood, although the pair wouldn’t marry until years after their daughter entered the world. As with her half-brother Jesse, Leah followed her dad into the music industry, forming a self-named band whose biggest claim to fame is opening for one of David Bowie’s tours. Leah, who has also worked as a model, married Jack MacDonald in 2008 and the couple are currently raising two children, Maggie Dylan and Otis Sonny David. When Jo was overdue with Otis, Keith Richards jokingly told her to sit on a amplifier during a Stones practice to coax her baby out.

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Tyrone Wood (Born: Aug. 21, 1983)
Jo and Ronnie’s second child together is a son, Tyrone, born one and a half years before his parents got married. Tyrone has shunned his dad’s musical obsessions in favor of Ronnie’s other passion: the art world. He is a fixture on the London art scene, working as a director at a number of galleries, including one owned by his father. He’s collaborated with half-brother Jamie at Scream Gallery but made news in 2013 with the opening of new photography gallery Heist. Tyrone has had numerous high-profile relationships, including singer Rita Ora, actress Elizabeth Whitson and models Daisy Lowe and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

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Elizabeth Scarlet Jagger (Born: March 2, 1984)
Elizabeth – or Lizzy, as she’s better known – is the first child born from Mick’s relationship with American model and actress Jerry Hall. Lizzy grew up to work in her mom’s side of the family business, making her modeling debut at 14 by walking the runway along with her mother. Around 2000, she appeared in a Tommy Hilfiger campaign, working with Keith Richards’ daughters Theodora and Alexandra (see below). Lizzy has done a bit of acting work, appearing in 2002’s Igby Goes Down, and a little singing (she contributed backing vocals to Mick's Goddess in the Doorway album. But she has mostly stuck to modeling, appearing in ads for Lancome, Marks and Spencer, Mango and Skiny. She also posed for Playboy in 2011. Relationship-wise, Lizzy made big headlines when it was revealed she was dating John Lennon’s son Sean, but the Beatles-Stones union didn’t last.

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Theodora Dupree Richards (Born: March 18, 1985)
Less than two years after Keith Richards married American model and actress Patti Hansen, the couple welcomed their first child, Theodora. Under the influence of her mother, she began a modeling career in her teens. She’s since appeared on magazine covers in the U.S. and Europe, and worked in campaigns for Burberry, Ann Taylor and Adidas. Theodora received some unwelcome attention in 2011 when she was stopped by police for writing on a convent wall. It wouldn’t have been too big of a deal if it weren’t for the drugs in her possession.

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James Leroy Augustin Jagger (Born: Aug. 28, 1985)
Mick and Jerry’s second child tried his hand at modeling – appearing in campaigns for Tommy Hillfiger and Pepe Jeans – before embarking on a serious acting career. His acting ambitions began when he was a teen; he took a drama class in high school, in which he was classmates with Robert Pattinson. Later he attended the famed Lee Strasberg Institute in New York before being cast in a range of theater productions and independent films. His credits include roles in Sex & Drugs & Rock & RollMr. Nice and Stealing Summers. He got his biggest break yet in 2016 when he appeared in Vinyl, an HBO series about the '70s' rock scene, as Kip Stevens, the singer of a pre-punk band named Nasty Bits. The series was produced by Martin Scorsese, Terence Winter and Mick Jagger.

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Alexandra Nicole Richards (Born: July 28, 1986)
The youngest daughter born to Keith and Patti followed the path of her mom and older sister Theodora when she chose to become a model. The New York-based model has gone on to be featured in fashion magazines in the U.S., U.K., France and Italy, including VogueGlamour and Vanity Fair (in addition to the French version of Playboy). Alexandra has also done a bit of acting, appearing in a 2009 episode of Gossip Girl. According to her bio, she’s also an artist and a DJ.

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Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger (Born: Jan. 12, 1992)
Another Rolling Stones kid, another model. Georgia May is the younger daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, and the first of their children born after the pair wed in a Hindu ceremony in 1990. She signed a modeling contract at age 16, and has gone on to model for such famous brands as Chanel, H&M, Versace and Vivienne Westwood. Georgia May, who is based in London, also has been featured in campaigns for cosmetics company Rimmel. She’s appeared in numerous fashion magazines, from Elle to Vogue, around the world and gained attention for opening Tommy Hillfiger’s New York Fashion Week show in 2014. Like her sister Lizzy, she also sang backup for her dad on his 2001 solo record Goddess in the Doorway.

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Katharine Noelle Wyman (Born: Sept. 4, 1994)
Not long after Bill Wyman's short-lived marriage to the young model Mandy Smith, Wyman proposed to another young model (but at least this one was out of her teens). In April 1993, Wyman, who had recently quit the Stones, married Suzanne Accosta, a California model and fashion designer he had known since the '70s. Accosta demanded that Wyman change his philandering ways, and he did, quickly settling into his role as a doting father. Katharine, who goes by Katie, is Bill and Suzanne's eldest daughter, born in London in 1994. She would soon have company.

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Jessica Rose Wyman (Born: November 1995)
A little more than a year after her older sister was born, Jessica joined the Wymans' expanding brood in 1995. Bill later said how happy it made him to have another chance at fatherhood, seeing as his oldest son Steven was born right before the Rolling Stones became famous and the rigors of the road kept him away from his boy. Although Wyman was retired from the Stones by the time Jessica arrived, he soon started the blues-rock band Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, with whom he continues to record and tour London.

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Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger (Born: Dec. 9, 1997)
As with the other children of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Gabriel has taken a shot at modeling, beginning his career at 18 on the cover of Another Man in 2016. But even though he said in an issue of W that he liked the people he worked with, he didn't much care for the hot, bright lights that come with the job. Instead, he prefers to write poetry, listing Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allen Poe as his favorites.

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Matilda Mae Wyman (Born: April 27, 1998)
Matilda, the youngest of Bill Wyman's three daughters with Suzanne Accosta, arrived in 1998. Although all three of Wyman's young daughters keep a low public profile, Matilda accompanied her dad to an interview with London's Telegraph newspaper in 2008. The girl, then nine, discussed her father's show with the Rhythm Kings, explaining that she didn't think he was very good because he never sang. Wyman later said one of the best things about the anniversary shows he played with the Stones in 2012 was that his three daughters got to see him play with his old mates for the first time.

Emma Taylor (Born: 1998)
Former Stones guitarist Mick Taylor's youngest daughter Emma is the product of a relationship he had with an American woman who sang backing vocals for his band. While pregnant with Emma, her mother, Susan, met Hans McMinamin, a musician in a German blues band. The couple married and raised Emma in Florida, where Hans played in local bands and founded a rock 'n' roll school. In 2007, Susan released an album called Another Place in Time, which featured Emma in a duet with her mother on "Radames' Letter" from Elton John's musical version of Aida. The album featured Taylor contributing on slide guitar.

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Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger (Born: May 18, 1999)
Lucas was, for many years, the youngest Rolling Stones child. Infamously, his birth broke up the nine-year marriage of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall when Mick's wife found out about his out-of-wedlock child in the newspaper. Lucas' mom is Brazilian model and TV hostess Luciana Gimenez, with whom Jagger had a one-time dalliance after a Stones show in Rio de Janeiro. By the time he was 18, he had already launched his own clothing line for the Brazilian brand Mini US. Although he sings and plays guitar and drums, he hopes to become a photographer.

Gracie Jane and Alice Rose Wood (May 30, 2016)
Two days before Ron Wood turned 69, his wife, theater producer Sally Humphreys Wood, gave birth to twins, named Gracie Jane and Alice Rose. Although they were his fifth and sixth child, they were his first with Sally, whom he married in 2012 and is 30 years his junior.

Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger (Born: Dec. 8, 2016)
Mick Jagger's eighth child and youngest of the Rolling Stones clan, Deveraux was born when the rocker was 72. His father and mother, ballerina Melanie Hamrick — more than 40 years Jagger's junior — have been dating since 2014. Hamrick is a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre.