Box office champ and professional wrestling legend Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson sang a rewritten version of Queen's 'We Will Rock You' last night on the WWE's 'Raw' television program.

The Rock, who over the past year or so has been making a part-time comeback to the squared circle in between starring in hit movies such as 'Fast Five' and 'Journey 2: The Mysterious Island,' performed the classic sports anthem with new lyrics belittling John Cena, his foe at next month's Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania, if you did not know, is professional wrestling's biggest annual event -- think of it as the Super Bowl, but with a lot less protective clothing. Cena is a modern-day Hulk Hogan of sorts, an unassailable and unstoppable good guy who has long been the younger crowd's favorite champion.

But some people, the Rock included, feel Cena's overrated and a bit too much of a goody two-shoes. So the "People's Champ," who for years reigned as one of the most popular wrestlers ever, is back to put some boots to asses. You'll hear that charming refrain and many of the Rock's other current catchphrases -- nobody's ever really explained the origin of the "kung pow b----" line to us -- replacing the verses of 'We Will Rock You' in the video below.

Cena and the Rock will stop talking (and singing, and rapping) and start fighting at Wrestlemania, which takes place April 1 on pay-per-view television.

Watch the Rock sing Queen's 'We Will Rock You' on 'WWE Raw'

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