Until the time of their 1973 smash 'Ramblin' Man', the Allman Brothers Band had largely been centered around siblings Duane and Gregg Allman.

The years since the breakthrough success of the band's 1971 live album 'At Filmore East,' however, were anything but kind to the band.

With the group losing both guitarist Duane Allman and bassist Berry Oakely in separate motorcycle accidents barely a year apart, many probably wondered if the Allmans would ever recover.

The answer, in the form of their 1973 album 'Brothers and Sisters,' was a clear "yes," with the song 'Ramblin' Man' becoming one of the band's most beloved tunes and earning a spot on our Top 100 Classic Rock Songs.

In response to the tragedies that had unfolded before them, on 'Brothers and Sisters' Allmans guitarist Dickey Betts stepped up to the plate and delivered several strong songs, including the beautiful, wistful instrumental 'Jessica' and this classic anthem.

Perhaps one of the most concise examples of what would be classified as "Southern Rock," the song's guitar lick and chorus are firmly entrenched in the minds of millions of fans, and will remain there for generations to come.

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Watch the Allman Brothers Band Perform 'Ramblin' Man'

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