Who better to get our Top 100 Classic Rock Songs list off to a fast start than Sammy Hagar and his anti-speed limit anthem 'I Can't Drive 55?'

Nearly a decade of constant touring and increasing record sales -- remember 'Your Love is Driving Me Crazy?' -- had already established Hagar as a rock star prior to the release of his 1984 'VOA' album.

But the Red Rocker really hit a nerve with the message of this track, the record's first single, which quickly made him a household name and bona-fide arena headliner, aided by a truly entertaining video.

We're not saying Hagar was directly responsible for the late '80s national law changes that allowed states to once again set speed limits higher than 55, but it certainly couldn't have hurt. This new level of fame also paved the way for him to join Van Halen in 1985.

'I Can't Drive 55,' as Hagar has explained many times, was inspired by a real-life incident that found him pulled over for doing 62 late at night on an empty highway in upstate New York. We're guessing record sales from this song have paid for that ticket many times over by now.

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Watch 'I Can't Drive 55' by Sammy Hagar

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