Apparently touched by the holiday spirit, Ted Nugent was particularly generous with his opinions on Facebook yesterday. He went on posting spree, doling out his thoughts on a number of topics, including taking a shot at Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones as a way of telling fans to stay off drugs.

Nugent was motivated by a Daily Mail article that showed Wood and his wife Sally at the London premiere of the musical Hamilton. "Hmmmmmm.... I'm almost 70 and I don't look like someone threw me in a wood chipper!" he wrote. "Couldn't be a lifetime of drugs and alcohol and tobacco could it. Treat your sacred temple & gift of life with reverence."

He then took exception to a professor who examined the history of "Jingle Bells" and found that it was first performed, in blackface, in an 1857 minstrel show in Boston. "Dash this through the snow goofball," he said. "Everyone surely knows by now that white is bad and black is beautiful & Im a gay pirate. ... If we allow the politically correct goonsquads to have their way, it won’t be long before Christmas is labeled as a racist holiday."

Next up was the news that life expectancy for Americans had dropped for the second consecutive year, which he said was due to a huge rise in what he called "dopepoison deaths." The famously anti-drug rocker said, "Life is a series of judgment calls choices and decisions. Smart ones create quality of life dumb ones a s---ty life and usually an early grave. Show me somebody that doesn't know this and I'll show you a person who likes being stupid. Being a liability is for losers."

"I’m all for trying to help addicts get clean and stupid people get smart but sure as hell don’t want our tax dollars wasted on trying to get addicts off dopepoison," he continued. "This is a job for families, charities, churches, etc. Getting addicts clean is not the job of the federal government."

And since it is the holiday season, the Nuge also offered up some last-minute gift-giving advice on what he believes is the "ultimate gift for everyone in your life": a membership in the National Rifle Association. "I swear to God without the NRA there would be no 2nd Amendment and we would be forced into disarmed helplessness by soulless punks who hate freedom and hate America."


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