Melvins Covers
The Melvins haven't gotten much classic rock airplay over their nearly thirty-year long career, and it doesn't look like that's changing anytime soon. Which is kinda silly, because the band's roots reach just as deeply into rock as they do into punk and metal.
Melvins Tackle Queen
The first classic rock song from the Melvins' upcoming cover album has arrived in the form of their take on 'You're My Best Friend' by Queen. 'Everybody Loves Sausages,' due April 30th, also finds the band tackling the Kinks and David Bowie, among others.
The Melvins -- one of rock's most creative, unique and prolific bands -- will include covers of songs from Queen, the Kinks, and David Bowie on their upcoming album, 'Everybody Loves Sausages.'

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