Melvins have unveiled their acoustic cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Sway.”

Originally released on the Stones’ 1971 LP Sticky Fingers, the mid-tempo song featured strings and rousing guitar solos.

Melvins managed to stay true to the original while still adding their own distinct twist on the classic track, turning “Sway” into a psychedelic and occasionally haunting piece. The track loses none of the original's energy, despite the absence of electric guitar.

You can hear Melvins’ version of “Sway” below.

Singer and guitarist Buzz Osborne has never been shy about his Stones’ fandom. In a 2018 conversation with Revolver, the Melvins front man referred to Sticky Fingers as “rock 'n' roll, top to bottom. It's the basis of why rock 'n' roll is so cool. It's brimming with their influences, from blues to country, and they embrace it. They see the good in all those sorts of things. I see the good in them as well.

“The simplicity of their playing is amazing. It's part of their genius. Yet it's very complex.”

Melvins’ rendition of “Sway” is the latest track released from Five Legged Dog, an upcoming four-LP acoustic collection from the sludge-metal trio. The set will see Melvins delivering new renditions of their own classic tracks, while also covering a range of artists.

"One acoustic record seems like a joke, and two is pretty normal, but doing four? That’s like going to war against an army of gorillas on LSD,” Osbourne said in a press release.

Five Legged Dog arrives Oct. 15 and is available for preorder now. Meanwhile, Melvins have announced they will be joining Ministry and Corrosion of Conformity our tour in 2022. The trek is scheduled to begin March 6 in Baltimore.

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