Super Bowl XLVIII is fast approaching, and while it's certainly nice that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will reportedly be playing a Led Zeppelin song at the halftime show, the main act is once again a pop star (Bruno Mars), and we think it's high time classic rockers got another shot instead. Maybe we're being greedy. After all, there was a glorious span last decade where legends like Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney all got their chance to shine on the biggest television night of the year. But with the event being held in the New York / New Jersey area this time around, it seems like a shame that some of the city's biggest rock stars weren't invited to perform. So here's our list of the top Five Bands That Should Be Performing at Super Bowl XLVIII Instead of Bruno Mars:

  • Metallica

    At first glance, the connection between San Francisco-born Metallica and New York City may not seem all that strong. But their first record label (Megaforce) was based there, the band recorded its debut album 'Kill 'Em All' about six hours upstate in Rochester and let's not forget last summer's Mariano Rivera tribute appearance at Yankee Stadium. Plus, it would be the next logical stunt in the band's recent "anywhere but a recording studio" campaign, and we're pretty sure the 82,000 in attendance would treat Metallica as one of their own once they lit into 'Enter Sandman.'

  • Bon Jovi

    Before you start complaining, or skip ahead looking for Bruce Springsteen's name, let's be clear: We're calling him ineligible simply because he just played the Super Bowl five years ago. But seeing as how this game is actually being held at MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., what better backup plan is there than second-generation hometown heroes Bon Jovi? After all, it was them, and not the Boss, who played the very first rock concert at this stadium back in May of 2010.

  • Billy Joel

    It's only fair that longtime Long Island resident Billy Joel gets consideration for a New York City-based Super Bowl halftime show. Seeing as how he just launched a monthly residency at Madison Square Garden, we're guessing the author of stadium singalongs such as 'Piano Man' and 'New York State of Mind' would have his voice and band warmed up nicely for the occasion.

  • Kiss

    If you're looking for the perfect Big Apple band to play the Super Bowl, Kiss might just be the smart bet this year. After all, they formed in New York City back in 1973, they were just elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and they certainly feel comfortable at the center of big spectacles. Plus, who knows? If they crank up their typical stage-show fireballs and explosions just a bit, it might even help keep the crowd warm on what's expected to be a very cold night.

  • AC/DC

    And now we're going to throw the geographical concept for this list right out the window in favor of some thunder from Down Under -- the mighty AC/DC. Never mind the fact that they're about the only rock band that can actually fill football stadiums across America on their own right now, we need something to help make sure the five-year-plus wait for a new album and tour from these guys doesn't turn into a decade. Besides, it's high time 'Safe in New York City' starts popping up in their set lists again.

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