Stevie Nicks has released a clip from her upcoming movie 24 Karat Gold - The Concert, which will be screened in theaters for two nights later this month.

Tickets are on sale for showings on Oct. 21 and 24 before the soundtrack is released in various formats on Oct. 30. You can watch the clip of her performance of her classic Fleetwood Mac song “Rhiannon” below.

“Recorded over two nights during her sold-out 24 Karat Gold Tour, Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold - The Concert features a set list of fan favorites and rare gems from Stevie’s multi-platinum selling catalog,” reads a statement. “The film also highlights Stevie’s intuitive and intimate storytelling abilities, captivating audiences with personal stories behind some of the most famous songs in music history. Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold - The Concert is full of the magic that Stevie Nicks brings to her live performances and is an unforgettable experience that demands to be seen on the big screen!”

Nicks said the "24 Karat Gold Tour was my all-time favorite tour. I not only got to sing my songs, but I was able to tell their stories for the first time. I love having the opportunity to share this concert with my fans.”

Earlier this year, the singer revealed she was working on a book or movie based on the Welsh mythological figure Rhiannon, who inspired the song. “I have some Rhiannon poetry that I have written over the last 30 years that I’ve kept very quiet," Nicks said. "I’m thinking, 'Well, here I have all this time and I have a recording setup.' And I’m thinking I’m going to start doing some recording. I’m going to start putting some of these really beautiful poems to music, and I have the ability to record them.”


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