Stevie Nicks revealed her own Barbie doll at a concert at New York City's Madison Square Garden on Sunday.

After a performance of "Bella Donna," Nicks brought the doll onstage to show the audience. "I have something very exciting to share with you a few hours before the rest of the world," she said [via Rolling Stone]. She explained that Mattel, the maker of Barbie, had approached her a year ago. "I was very overwhelmed. Will she be like me? Will she have my spirit? Will she have my heart?"

Nicks later shared photos of the doll, which comes dressed in her Rumours-era outfit, on social media.

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"When I look at her, I see my 27-year-old self," she noted. "All the memories of walking out on a big stage in that black outfit and those gorgeous boots come rushing back — and then I see myself now in her face. What we have been through since 1975 – the battles we have fought, the lessons we have learned – together. I am her and she is me. She absolutely has my heart."

Nicks handed the doll to a fan named Sara at the show. She then sang a few lines of her Fleetwood Mac song of the same name.

Other Rock 'n' Roll Barbies

Nicks isn't the first rock artist to have their image made into a Barbie. Two have been made in tribute to David Bowie – one in the style of Ziggy Stardust and the other dressed as he appeared in the "Life on Mars?" video. There was also a limited edition Barbie made in 2020 dressed like Elton John.

You can find more information about Nicks' Barbie at Mattel's site.

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