On Oct. 7, Stevie Nicks will put out a new album, '24 Karat Gold – Songs from the Vault.' The record contains new recordings of songs that, for one reason or another, never received an official release, either on her own or with Fleetwood Mac.

“Most of these songs were written between 1969 and 1987," Nicks said in a press release. "One was written in 1994 and one in 1995. I included them because they seemed to belong to this special group. Each song is a lifetime. Each song has a soul. Each song has a purpose. Each song is a love story...They represent my life behind the scenes, the secrets, the broken hearts, the broken hearted and the survivors. These songs are the memories -- the 24 karat gold rings in the blue box. These songs are for you."

Back in May, Nicks, who produced the album with Dave Stewart and Waddy Wachtel, noted that she relied on bootlegs to help find the material the material. “We went onto YouTube and we found all the songs that, somehow, were taken from my house or picked up or loaned out or whatever," she said, adding that the three weeks working on the songs in Nashville was the "fastest I have ever recorded."

Nicks will package '24 Karat Gold' with Polaroid photos she has taken throughout her career. A Deluxe Photobook CD will add two bonus tracks with 48 pages, with a vinyl release arriving a week prior to the CD on Sept. 29.

The release of '24 Karat Gold' coincides with Fleetwood Mac's upcoming tour, which begins Sept. 30 in Minneapolis. These dates mark the return of Christine McVie to the fold after leaving the band in 1998.

Beginning Aug. 5, the day pre-orders for '24 Karat Gold' will begin, Nicks will preview snippets from the album through her Instagram account, "stevienicksofficial."

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