As if a reunion tour with Christine McVie and a potential double album of new material weren't enough for Fleetwood Mac fans to look forward to in 2014, here comes word that Stevie Nicks is prepping a solo LP of her own.

Nicks' next release, her first solo effort since 2011's 'In Your Dreams,' is tentatively scheduled to arrive in October -- and if you're wondering how she's had time to write new songs in the midst of all this Mac activity, the answer is she hasn't.

As Nicks revealed during her appearance at the BMI Pop Awards on May 13, the songs on the new album, titled '24 Karat Gold,' were pulled from the back pages of her songbook. "We went onto YouTube and we found all the songs that, somehow, were taken from my house or picked up or loaned out or whatever ... and we went to Nashville (and recorded them)," she told reporters for the Associated Press. "So they're like all starting from, like, 1969, maybe? I call them my 24 karat gold songs." While in Nashville, she added that she worked up "18 tracks in three weeks," which stands as the "fastest I have ever recorded."

Relying on previously written material is a tactic Nicks has employed at various points over the years; her 1994 album 'Street Angel' consisted largely of outtakes and holdovers from previous efforts, and when Fleetwood Mac decided to cut an EP's worth of new material in 2013, they dredged up the old Buckingham/Nicks demo 'Without You' courtesy of YouTube. She's reportedly set to add to the Nashville tracks with some upcoming sessions in Los Angeles, all of which will presumably be finished by the time the band heads out on tour Sept. 30.