Slash said he finally learned to enjoy playing stadium shows, although he was still looking forward to playing clubs on his upcoming tour with his solo band.

He’s been back on the world’s biggest stages since rejoining Guns N’ Roses in 2016, but he’ll release Living the Dream, his new album with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, on Sept. 21.

“I’m looking forward to playing in intimate spots, because I’ve been playing stadiums for literally two years now,” Slash told LA Weekly in a new interview. “It’s nice to change it up. Normally, I would say that I like to play smaller venues as opposed to stadiums, but this last Guns tour has proved to me that you can make a stadium into a much more personal events, if the people really fucking dig you.”

The guitarist noted that GNR performed in stadiums "back in the day, but the crowds this time around were really off the hook, across the board, from every country. But that said, I’m looking forward to going in and doing these little theaters with the Conspirators because it’s just going to be fucking fun. It’s very raw and everybody’s on a small stage – it’s just primal.”

Slash repeated his argument that there was no need to dig into the Guns N’ Roses catalog for his solo band’s set list, since he’d spent so much time playing those songs recently. He suggested that the show might include one Velvet Revolver track and one Slash’s Snakepit number, but that would be all.

Asked once again about Guns N’ Roses future – and implicitly about the chances of new music – he replied, “I feel pretty optimistic that we'll get something going sooner than later.”

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