Throughout his career, Slash has been known for his trademark top hat. But he will soon don several new hats as he embarks on his latest project, co-producing and co-writing the score 'Nothing Left to Fear,' a horror movie that will be released on Oct. 4.

"It's been equally intriguing for me to be involved with producing, writing and performing the music in 'Nothing Left to Fear," Slash said in a press release. "Film scoring prompts me to engage different styles of writing and guitar playing that don't always present themselves when I make rock 'n' roll records."

'Nothing Left to Fear' takes place in Stull, a small town in northeast Kansas whose cemetery might be one of the Seven Gateways to Hell. As one would expect in a horror film set in such a place, a whole lot of scary stuff happens to the family of the town's new pastor (James Tupper). The movie, which is the first offering through Slash's Slasher Films production company, also stars Anne Heche as the holy man's wife.

In addition to co-producing, Slash co-wrote the 32-track score with Nick O'Toole. Even though it's mostly instrumental, the title track features longtime Slash singer Myles Kennedy. The soundtrack will be released through the popular crowd-sourcing site PledgeMusic, where fans can receive special exclusive merchandise and videos in exchange for pre-ordering the soundtrack. For more information, visit the project's website.

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