The bell rang on round five of the "was Sebastian Bach asked to join Motley Crue?" debate between Nikki Sixx and the former Skid Row frontman late last night, with Bach providing video of Sixx recounting a time when they all at least rehearsed together. 

This story began in late August, when Bach stated during an informal Twitter Q&A that he was asked to join Motley Crue following the departure of founding (and since returned) singer Vince Neil back in 1992. A few days ago, Sixx denied this story on his radio show, which prompted Bach to issue a lengthy and detailed account of his side of the tale. Sixx replied with a brief Twitter post claiming Bach was simply trying to drum up attention for his upcoming autobiography.

Which brings us up to last night. In a hash-tag heavy post on his Facebook page, Bach linked to a 1994 MTV interview in which Sixx seems to verify at least part -- but certainly not all -- of Bach's story: "At times when Vince was out of town, or off doing whatever he was into doing, Sebastian Bach would come down and hang out with us, and we'd be rehearsing. You'd need a singer to rehearse, so he'd sing." Needless to say, this doesn't equal Sixx saying Bach was ever asked to join Motley Crue.

Bach, who has maintained a light-hearted, respectful tone throughout this whole mini-saga -- referring to Sixx as one of his heroes, and declaring that Neil is the voice of Motley Crue "now & forever" -- is once again quick to point out that he's not mad at anybody, and is in fact grateful for the promotion of that as yet unscheduled book: "#ThanksForTheHype!"

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