Scott Weiland says Velvet Revolver were set for a reunion after appearing together at a 2012 charity gig ... that is before Slash's spouse stepped in.

“We did a show together, and there was talk about us getting back together," Weiland tells Alternative Nation. "But Perla [Hudson], Slash’s ex-wife, kind of put the kibosh on everything. … As far as getting back together, I thought at the time we would get back together and do a tour.”

Weiland released two albums with Velvet Revolver, 2004's Contraband and 2007's Libertad, before the band split in 2008. Velvet Revolver also featured Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum – who, like Slash, played with Guns N’ Roses. Weiland says that if anybody reunites now, it will be GNR.

Rumors that Guns N' Roses's classic-era lineup might work together again surfaced following news that Slash and singer Axl Rose have repaired their long-estranged relationship. "I think that Guns N’ Roses are getting back together,” Weiland said, adding that he doesn't have any inside information: “I just heard that.”

Slash wasn't the only one who fought with GNR's singer. There was also a dust-up in 2006 between Rose and Weiland, who started out with Stone Temple Pilots. “I remember a little bit about it,” Weiland said. “There was a little going back and forth between the two of us at the time." Whatever his past with Velvet Revolver, however, Weiland remains a fan of his former guitarist. “I think Slash is actually a bigger star right now than Axl,” he said.

Guns N' Roses currently have at least two openings in the band. Guitarists DJ Ashba and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal both recently exited the lineup. Ashba had been with the band since 2009; Bumblefoot joined in 2006.

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