Scorpions fans can get their live concert sting on at home Dec. 6, when the band releases 'Get Your Sting & Blackout – Live in 3D.' It'll be released on Blu-ray and features the band's April 15 concert in Saarbrücken, Germany. But this is not just another audiovisual document of a live concert. As if! The most current 3D technology is used, with 11 cameras, 5.1 Surround and stereo sound fully capturing the Scorps' onstage energy!

"3D - a number, a letter. This term, not long ago only known to a few enthusiasts, has been ringing in our ears for a while now," the Scorps said in a statement. "Guitarist Rudolf Schenker brought the topic 3D into play repeatedly, and when the opportunity came to make this new visual chapter happen, as one of the first bands ever, we didn’t have to think twice."

The Teutonic rockers revealed why they chose their native Germany as the location and setting in which to film! They said, "Naturally, we could have chosen a show in Los Angeles or Moscow for the recording, but this was about a quick decision and a viable implementation on the highest level of technology. Saarbrucken was a very good choice — our fans were simply sensational and gave us the chance to thank them for their many years of support with this project in Germany. However, enough words ... put on the 3D glasses and it's time for 'Get Your Sting & Blackout!!!'"

Scorpions 'Get Your Sting & Blackout - Live in 3D' track listing:

'Sting In the Tail'
'Make It Real'
'Bad Boys Running Wild'
'The Zoo'
'Coast to Coast'
'Loving You Sunday Morning'
'The Best Is Yet to Come'
'Send Me an Angel'
'Raised on Rock'
'Tease Me Please Me'
'Kottak Attack'
'Six String Sting'
'Big City Nights'
'Still Loving You'
'Wind Of Chamge'
'Rock You Like a Hurricane'
'When the Smoke Is Going Down'

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