Carlos Santana's guardian angel Metatron might be a tremendous asset when it comes to inspiring hit records, but he's no help at all when it comes to staying awake behind the wheel.

According to the latest report (and revealing photo) from TMZ, Santana's recent car crash -- which Las Vegas police initially dismissed as "a minor accident" that wasn't even worth logging -- was actually a bit more serious than previously described.

TMZ's police sources are saying Santana fell asleep behind the wheel and ended up totaling his pricey Fisker Karma, and they have what looks like the photo to prove it. They're also indicating that he hit a pair of parked cars -- instead of one, as previously reported -- before coming to a stop.

Thankfully, one detail from those first reports hasn't changed: Neither Santana nor any bystanders were injured. And since we're sure he's good for whatever damages his nap behind the wheel might have caused, it seems like we can safely say "all's well that ends well" -- presuming he remembers to get himself a driver the next time he finds himself torn between going somewhere and catching a few winks.

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