Carlos Santana kicked off his weekend by crashing into a parked car in Las Vegas on Friday night. But he walked away unhurt. And he wasn't drunk.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the 66-year-old guitar hero smashed his ride into a parked car while driving through a ritzy neighborhood in the west Las Vegas Valley on Sept. 13. Santana was alone at the time of the accident.

Even though it's not certain if Santana was given a sobriety field test after the crash, a spokesman for the Las Vegas Metro Police Department said he wasn't driving under the influence. Other details are sketchy as well, like what exactly happened and what damage was done to the vehicles. Apparently, Santana was driving home when the accident occurred.

“He hit a parked car, it was a minor accident, is all," said a police lieutenant, who added that the incident wasn't even worth logging into the records. Santana had a show in the area the night before the accident.

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