From everything that we’ve heard, it sounds like the new Rush album, tentatively set for a spring release, is coming together like clockwork (Yes, some of us love ridiculous puns!). And in even better news, bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee says that the title track for ‘Clockwork Angels’ is shaping up to be another great epic track.

Lee recently told Classic Rock “that song is a longer piece and I think if anything it’ll only get longer when we’re finished with it.” The band has since wrapped up recording for the new album, but at the time that the interview was conducted, Lee indicated that while the length for the song hadn’t yet hit double digits, they were “pushing all the songs as long as we can,” which is certainly very welcome news for Rush fans.

Digging into the storyline that threads throughout ‘Clockwork Angels,’ Lee says that it’s connected to “a different kind of future and the whole aesthetic of steampunk, which is so cool.”

“When you look at the steampunk designs they all look Victorian yet fast-forwarded in some magical way to the future. The idea of building a story around that world appealed to us.”

It was somewhat of a spontaneous decision to share ‘Caravan’ and ‘BU2B’ from the developing album with fans on the ‘Time Machine’ tour. Like kids in the candy store, Geddy says that “we jumped the gun a bit and got too excited and couldn’t hold it back.”

The Canadian rock legends are apparently still in a giving mood, with drummer Neil Peart recently giving a lyrical peek into one of the songs from ‘Clockwork Angels,’ sharing lyrics that were inspired by the passing of his longtime drum mentor Freddie Gruber.

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