German women wouldn't have an issue with the lip shaped urinals at the recently opened Rolling Stones museum in Lüchow, Germany if they came installed with tongues. That way, the toilet would more accurately resemble the famous lips logo the band has long used in promotional material.

The L.A. Times reports that critics of the bathroom art say it conveys a "misogynistic message." "It's discrimination against women," local feminist Roda Armbruster tells Hamburg based broadcast network NDR, explaining that without the tongue it's just a woman's mouth a man is relieving himself into.

It seems unlikely that the outcry will change the decor of the museum's mens room. Founder Ulli Schroder says they're art, not a man's mouth or a woman's mouth. "They were damned expensive and they're staying where they are," he said, according to the International Business Times. "That's final."

Dutch artist Meike van Schijndel designed the toilets, which have been decorating bathrooms worldwide since the early 2000's. This isn't the first time controversy has dogged the manufacture. TMZ reports that in 2004, Virgin Airlines flushed plans to install a pair of these toilets at JFK Airport. These controversial items are marketed as "Kisses!" urinals on Bathroom Mania's website, and at last check sold for over $900.

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