Lollapalooza isn't the only game for artists this weekend, as the indie-leaning Osheaga Festival is currently taking over Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal. And while it's not exactly a hotbed for classic rock artists, the festival did provide a little nod to the past Friday night (Aug. 3) when MGMT trotted out their Rolling Stones cover.

While you might never confuse the modern psych rock of MGMT with the blues-influenced style of the Rolling Stones, the band did start showing a knack for pulling from earlier influences with their sophomore set, 'Congratulations.'

During the Osheaga Festival Friday, there was a chance to see it all tie together as singer Andrew VanWyngarden showed a vocal similarity to a young Mick Jagger while performing the classic track 'Angie,' with the audience helping out a little along the way.

The vocalist took center stage strumming his guitar, while the group did a fairly faithful cover of the song. Having a little fun with the final line, VanWyngarden joked to the crowd after singing the final note, "They can't say we never tried to cover that song."

MGMT's love of classic rock isn't limited to the Stones, as they recently contributed a cover of 'Future Games' to the Fleetwood Mac tribute album, 'Just Tell Me That You Want Me.'

Watch MGMT Cover the Rolling Stones' 'Angie'

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