Private and public services for Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, who died on May 20, are currently in the planning stages. The Guardian is reporting that Gibb will be buried next month following a private service near his home in Thame, Oxfordshire. The private service will include music by Roy Orbison -- Gibb's favorite singer -- and the Bee Gees. Robin's favorite hymns, Jerusalem and I Vow to Thee My Country, will also be featured.

A public service will be held in September at London's historic St. Paul's Cathedral. St. Paul's has seen many a public event, including the funeral of Winston Churchill in 1965 and the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Further details on Gibb's service have yet to be announced.

Another tribute of sorts to Gibb will take place on June 23, when 'The Titanic Requiem,' the classical work Gibb composed with his son R.J., will be performed in Rome. The piece had its debut in London on April 12, but Gibb was too ill to attend. According to R.J., "[This] will be the first time it will be heard with accompanying holographics and there will be images of Dad."

Gibb's son also said that his father's death was not the result of the appearance of a second tumor, as had been rumored, but rather kidney failure. "Dad had actually gone into remission and the cancer was completely unrecognisable," he continued. "He was then dosed with sedatives to deal with the side effects of his chemotherapy and his liver just couldn't process them. He deteriorated to the point where it started to affect his kidneys as well…It was a really sudden downturn."

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