Robin Gibb's wife Dwina is explaining the details of their open marriage after rumors swirled concerning a long-time affair between the late Bee Gees singer and their maid -- one which included a child.

Gibb, who died two years ago at age 62 following a long battle with cancer, had reportedly been involved with Claire Yang as far back as 2001. Yang, who worked for the Gibbs as a housekeeper in both their UK and Miami homes, had a daughter named Snow with Robin in 2008.

Despite being married to Gibb since 1985, Dwina said that was all part of the unique relationship they shared. “I’ve never been a jealous person," Dwina tells the Daily Mail. "My attitude has always been live and let live. People who are creative are often very different, I think, from conventional couples. Creative and artistic people live in a different way, maybe. There’s a certain kind of freedom I suppose we have. We always had that in our marriage but we knew we both deeply loved each other.”

Following Gibb's death, tabloids reported a rift over the affair with Yang, who was almost half Robin's age. Dwina -- described as a "self-styled druid priestess" -- was said to have banned her from Robin's funeral. Robin also reportedly left Snow out of his will, though he had given Yang a £850,000 (or $1.4 million) home in Buckinghamshire.

“She and Snow have been provided for,” counters Dwina, who has previously admitted that Robin had flings with friends of hers, as well. The Daily Mail reports that a portion of Gibbs' £26 million ($43.6 million) estate will, in fact, go to Snow.

“The strength of our relationship was that we were dedicated to each other and no matter what happened in our lives, we knew we’d always be together,” Dwina adds. “No matter what happened and no matter who would try to interfere.”

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