In news that could only be described as "miraculous," it's possible that Robin Gibb could be released from the hospital next week. The Daily Mirror quoted a family friend who says that his condition is improving every day, and is now sitting up and talking after having regained consciousness from a week-long coma on April 21.

"They will not rush him but there is a very good possibility of him being discharged at the end of the week and arrangements are being made for him to have medical help at home," the unnamed friend said.

“The doctors will not take the decision lightly," the friend continued. "Dwina [Gibb's wife] will make sure his every medical need is catered for. Robin is aware how close to death he was. But he is determined to go home.”

The Bee Gee had gone into the hospital last month for surgery on a twisted colon, but the 62-year old singer had been given only a few days to live after contracting pneumonia and slipping into a coma shortly afterwards. His family had been holding a bedside vigil and playing his favorite music hoping that it would somehow reach him.

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