With all the bad news this week surrounding the deaths of Dick Clark and Levon Helm, we may have some good news. According to reports coming out of England, Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, whose health had taken a turn for the worse in recent weeks, has come out of the coma he lapsed into last week.

"He's moving his head and nodding," Gibb's wife Dwina said. "When we're asking questions he's responding to them. I can't believe it"

Gibb was hospitalized last month due to correct a lifelong intestinal issue. Following the surgery, he contracted pneumonia and subsequently fell into a coma. Since then, his family, including his brother Barry, have held a vigil at his bedside.

"We've been playing music to him all along," Dwina continued. "I thought he'd respond to it and, when they hooked him up to an ECG scanner, it showed he was. We're very pleased. We think he might even talk once the tubes come out."

The music Robin has responded to includes Barry's singing and recorded music. Dwina said that Roy Orbison's classic 'Crying,' fittingly, caused Gibb to weep.

Of course this does not mean that Gibb is out of the woods just yet. There is still a long road to recovery, and in his situation things could change at any moment. However, the fact that he has regained consciousness is a very good sign right now.


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