London's Central Hall in Westminster saw the world premiere of a new symphonic work, 'The Titanic Requiem' tonight (April 10). The piece, which features the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, was written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the famous ship on April 15, 1912. However, one of the composers of the piece, Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, was unable to attend due to his deteriorating health.

The 62-year old singer, who wrote the piece with his son Robin-John, was hospitalized on March 25 due to an twisted bowel and has remained in the private clinic since. Gibb and his twin brother Maurice, were born with the intestinal issue known as volvulus. Maurice passed away in 2003 from complications resulting from the condition.

On Sunday (April 8), it was reported that Barry Gibb flew from his home in Tennessee to London to be at his brother's side. Barry's son Stephen also flew from Miami. British tabloids are quoting an unnamed family friend, who says that Robin has possibly contracted pneumonia and that his condition is getting worse.

This sad news comes a little more than a month after Gibb announced that he was in remission from liver cancer. Gibb was diagnosed with the disease in the fall of 2011.


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