(updated 11/4/11, see below) There's still no confirmation on our earlier report suggesting that Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant has married his Band of Joy bandmate Patty Griffin, but as this Halloween photo (since removed) from Austin suggests, they seem to be "playing house," at the very least!

As we told you a few days ago, rumors are circulating around Austin, Texas and the internet that Plant and Griffin have gotten married. (When reached for comment, their publicist extremely politely replied "not to my knowledge.") Photographs showing Plant and Griffin welcoming trick or treating children don't go any further towards proving or disproving anything -- that could possibly be a ring on Patty's finger, or, it could be lighting, and there's no guarantee it's a wedding ring anyway.

The most important thing to take away from this evening is how much fun everybody seemed to have had on Halloween down in Austin. The reader who posted this picture (since removed) said it was one of many taken that night, and this report from a local resident seems to indicate that Plant and Griffin were extremely gracious hosts to all of the vampires, princesses and ghosts that knocked on their door.

(Update 11/4/11 - we received a request from the parents of children featured in the original photograph asking us to remove that image from our site, and we complied. We trust you understand.)

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