The lyrics for Halford's 'Made In Hell' run down the life and times of their author, Judas Priest singer Rob Halford, better than any biographer could ever do. So in honor of the Metal God's 60th birthday (Aug. 25), while our brothers at Loudwire run down 11 Things You Didn't Know About Rob Halford, we're just gonna focus on one of most awesome songs he's ever written.

'Made in Hell' is the second of two highly autobiographical songs (also check out the title track) that kick off Halford's critically acclaimed 2000 solo album 'Resurrection.' That record found the singer, who left Priest in 1992, returning to the sound and style of his former band after releasing more experimental music with Fight and 2wo.

He starts off by laying the credit for his decision to become a singer to the mighty Black Sabbath"From memories of '68, when 'The Wizard' shook the world / Metal came from foundries where the midlands sound unfurled / Something inside took hold of me, I really didn't know / But over time it came to me, I knew which way to go."

From there, he talks about soaking up as much music as possible, until he was ready to make his own mark: "In Henry's and in Mother's where i'd go to bang my head / The feeling took a hold of me with every word I said / The voice was born and came alive from all I saw and heard / And now I knew my destiny, I had to spread the word."

Of course, he did just that, with Judas Priest earning and then holding onto a spot as one of biggest metal bands of the '70s, '80s and '90s, raising hell all on tour over the globe: "I took the scream around the world / From London to L.A. / Unleashed in downtown Tokyo / Blew Godzilla away / Then on the sound and fury went from Sidney to Brazil / It sent the Russians crazy cause they never get their fill."

Halford then engages in a bit of deserved self-congratulations, talking about the influence he and his bandmates had on future generations ("So many bands surrounding you with evil from our source"), before engaging in some fairly awesome perspective-shifting boasting about his music: "It screams across the universe and slams you to the floor."

(It should be also noted that via the absolute kick-ass quality and twin-guitar attack of this song, Halford also sent a clear non-verbal message to the world: I don't necessarily need Judas Priest to do this s---- really well.)

Still, Halford seems to predict his reunion with Judas Priest years before it happened: "From all this insanity, the metal gods will return!" Indeed, they did in 2003, recording two new studio albums and embarking on a series of world tours together. Supposedly, though, another chapter in Halford's life is coming to an end, as the 'Epitaph' world tour the band is on now will be the band's last major trek together.

However, based on the energy Halford seems to get from performing live and making records, and the love of life and music displayed in the lyrics of 'Made in Hell,' we highly doubt this is the last we'll see of Rob Halford.

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