It's been tough for hardcore Bon Jovi fans to watch Richie Sambora sit out the band's latest tour (and feud with Jon Bon Jovi in the press), but all hope is not lost.

Sambora downplayed his absence during a recent chat with TMZ, taking a few seconds to answer questions from one of the network's roving cameramen. Although he was obviously being careful not to say too much, Sambora clearly isn't worried about his long-term future with Bon Jovi.

"I feel bad for the fans -- I love my fans," he said when asked how he felt about reports that ticket sales were soft for the band's tour. "It's gonna work itself out. It'll happen."

Pressed for more comments, Sambora started to get antsy, but he did stick around long enough to state the obvious. "Jon and I have had a relationship for 30 years," he quickly added. "We rely on each other. It'll all work out in the end."

Whatever's going on between the longtime musical partners, it sounds like it's being worked out behind the scenes. Here's hoping they can get it together by October, when Bon Jovi is scheduled to kick off the fall leg of its 2013 tour.

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