Bobby Blotzer explained his side of the dispute between himself and the other founding members of Ratt, and said that, despite the acrimony, he hoped they could reunite in the future.

Blotzer was apparently forbidden from using the band name after legal action was taken in 2016 by singer Stephen Pearcy, guitarist Warren DeMartini and bassist Juan Croucier, who reclaimed the name and began using it themselves last year.

In a new Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon interview, Blotzer insisted that the legal case wasn’t over. “They were given summary judgment — unbelievably so,” he said. “But I wanna assure people right now, this thing is coming towards the end, but they did not win this thing lock, stock and barrel. And if they do, they do. But right now, we're in a position where none of us could say, 'You know what? Fuck it. I'm out.' You just can't do that. It's just in that legal shithole of it all.” You can hear the interview below.

Blotzer said the latest of Ratt’s many fallouts had come about when Croucier rejoined in 2012. “Stephen and Warren forced that on me," he explained. "And I told them straight up, 'You do this, he will break the band up. He will send the band into Camp Chaos.' They're no longer the three blind mice, they are Camp Chaos. And he did it.”

The drummer previously fueled rumors that both DeMartini and guitarist Carlos Cavazo had been fired from Pearcy’s lineup. Those rumors remain unconfirmed, although Cavazo told Metal Sludge he was out. “As long as Warren is not there, I don’t see myself doing it," he said. "I can’t picture anyone else being there other than Warren.”

In the new interview, Blotzer called Pearcy “the most unreasonable person you can ever deal with,” though he added that he “has a good side — I've always said that; I appreciate Stephen on a lot of levels.” He suggested that Ratt’s issues centered on not having a clear leader among the members. “Warren wants to think he's a leader — he definitely can't lead a band," Blotzer noted. "Stephen, obviously, is not a leader. … We all think we're leaders. And all I know is I see the way, and I implemented that on my tour in 2016 and brought that to a seven-figure situation and played a lot of big shows with a lot of the multi-platinum bands from the '80s, our friends and the other bands that were opening for us, because the name Ratt and the Ratt music stands up like that.”

He said that "if we were together and had our shit tight within the band, the sky's the limit, is the way I always saw it. But Stephen, every year, would quit. And Warren didn't wanna go out."

Asked whether it was possible for the band to work together again, even though they're no longer friends, Blotzer replied that he remained “open-minded, even with all this upheaval and some hatred in the way people are handling things – them at me, me at them. But you know what? People have gotten over a lot bigger things than that in life – countries and wars, they happen. I'm not the complete savior of this, but I am the first one in line going, 'Let's do it right and let's go.' That's all I can say.”

Pearcy’s Ratt lineup is set to tour later this year.

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