The Pretenders will make their debut on PBS' long-running Austin City Limits TV show this weekend, and you can check out an exclusive preview of one of the songs. Watch  their 1983 Top 20 hit, "Middle of the Road," above.

The clip begins with drummer Martin Chambers -- who, along with leader Chrissie Hynde, is the only original members left in the band -- teasing the audience with a mini-solo before launching into the song's familiar introduction.

In addition to performing that classic, and others like "Back on the Chain Gang," "Brass in Pocket" and "Mystery Achievement," the Pretenders also played "Alone," the title track to the album they released last year. The group will release an expanded version of Alone on Dec. 1 that adds a second disc of 15 live tracks they recorded on tour.

“One thing that hasn’t changed in almost 40 years, Chrissie Hynde is still a bad ass," Austin City Limits executive producer Terry Lickona notes in a press release for the episode. "There’s no doubt about who’s in charge, and musically her voice still rings as clear and strong as ever. Whether you’re an old fan or a newbie, this is a show for the ages.”

The Pretenders' episode of Austin City Limits will premiere on Oct. 14. Check the show's website to see details, and see the band's set list below.

The Pretenders, 'Austin City Limits' Set List
1. "Alone"
2. "Message of Love"
3. "Private Life"
4. "Back on the Chain Gang"
5. "I’ll Stand By You"
6. "Don’t Get Me Wrong"
7. "My City Was Gone"
8. "Mystery Achievement"
9. "Middle of the Road"
10. "Up the Neck"
11. "Brass In Pocket"

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