Contrary to rumors that spread earlier this week, there are no issues between Bret Michaels and Rikki Rockett that could prevent the possibility of a full-fledged Poison tour from happening in 2015. Rockett himself said that things are "all good" between he and the man he called "my brother."

On Monday, Michaels, who has recently been talking up the idea of a new album and tour, was quoted as telling an Orlando reporter, "In 2015...I'm thinking -- not officially going on record, but rumoring...I'm just thinking of reuniting all of the original - 'cause we can't go out with all of the original guys. It's gotta be CC [Deville], Bobby [Dall] and myself and I think we're going to have to throw a mega Poison summer bash together next year."

Between leaving out Rockett's name and saying, "we can't go out with all of the original guys" -- which could have simply been a bad transcription -- many wondered if Rockett and Michaels had been fighting. However, yesterday (Oct. 3) Rockett tweeted "In regard to the interview about Bret and the Poison tour... Bret's my brother. He's got my back.I've got his. I'm sure it's all good."

Since their last tour ended in 2012, Poison have concentrated mostly on private concerts. This decision caused Rockett, who has been itching to get back on the road, to publicly complain back in March about an unnamed member of the band who was "making it a problem."

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