Perhaps there's something to this idea of Poison touring next year. Frontman Bret Michaels is also talking about 2015 dates, a week after drummer Rikki Rockett first mentioned the possibility.

"It looks like it will happen," Michaels told Cleveland Scene. "It’s been a few years. We just want to put together the right package and show to celebrate with everyone."

Poison appeared at the 2013 Indy 500 Miller Lite Carb Day, but otherwise the band has been mostly playing private shows lately. Their last major dates were with Lita Ford and Def Leppard on the Rock of Ages tour in 2012. That relatively lengthy break for the band led Rockett to bitterly complain about Poison not hitting the road last summer.

If those dates do happen, they probably won't include any new music. Poison's last album, 'Hollyweird,' was released in 2002, and there aren't any plans to reconvene in the studio, Michaels said.

"When the time’s right, I’m sure it will happen," he pointed out. "We are all just in different places right now, but we are never done making music."